Old Pots

Awarded 1st Prize for Architectural Ceramics by the Royal Dublin Society in 1988

And voted Best Pot at Harmony Hill Arts Centre in the same year

Iain founded a pottery – iSu Pots.

aistriú þýða oversette oversætte översätta tłumaczyć übersetzen prevesti 翻訳 traduire tradurre traducir

The main thrust of the company was the making of Celtic Ogham Stones and similar products. This was a low cost pendant accompanied by accurate telling of history. Over the next 10 years, we sold over 1,000,000 pendants worldwide. All handmade and assembled completely in Dublin.


Pots are priced on an individual basis, linked to time taken.


Iain was invited to lecture and demonstrate at the International Potters Festival Aberystwyth in 1993 where he recreated pit firings. The pots were coiled, burnished, decorated with simple markings and fired in a bonfire with wood and straw.

Iain has made replica Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age pottery for Museums, University Archaeology programs and parks such as Wexford Heritage Park, Lough Gur, Hunt Museum and the National Museum.

And ….. to keep our feet on the ground …. as a potter should

Now, what could you do with a really really big pot?