Living History

Living History is increasingly a worldwide phenomenon.

Brian Boru And Keith Wood. Two Irish legends, ancient and new, launch 2012 Festival as Brothers in Arms!

aistriú þýða oversette oversætte översätta tłumaczyć übersetzen prevesti 翻訳 traduire tradurre traducir

People – reenactors – take a section of their history, or anyone else’s, learn the history and study the life and times they would represent.

Then assemble a preferably museum-correct set of costumes and props.

Enjoy presenting as accurate a representation of the period as their resources will allow.

And entertain the public with their presentation.

The Celts Music item

Almost all periods of history are presented at one time or another in Ireland.


As you may now be aware, it is almost 1,000 years since the Battle of Clontarf. Who knows what will happen in 2014, but happen it will. A good number of groups around the country are making preparation for their contribution. Foreign groups from England, Iceland, Germany, Poland, France, America and Australia to mention a few will join with Norway, Sweden and Denmark in celebrating the bloodthirsty antics of the Vikings as they opened up Europe’s psyche after the Dark Ages.

A breath of fresh air – you might say!

After consultation, this site will give the contact details of as many groups as it can. The flag will be hoisted and we shall see who salutes.

One thing is for certain. We need as many as possible to be involved, and it cannot be left till the last minute.

Late comers will eat the bones.