To further the cause of history and living history

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  1. Well done ! this is a superb website and resource, I’m certain it will bring a lot of enjoyment to people and will do you proud indeed.
    Excellent lay out and very easy to navigate, best of luck !
    Kindest regards

    BloodAXE Vikings !!!!!!

  2. Carol Shaw says:


    A great site, easy to navigate and very informative. Dropped by to have a quick look and stayed much longer then that. Must pass it on.


  3. Thanks for blogging. That’s the most amazing entry I have found about this.

  4. Hi man! I completely agree with your thoughts.

  5. Words of thanks for having such truly great information. I wish you updated it more often.

    • Rafaela says:

      Yeah that’s what I’m taklnig about baby–nice work!

    • iain says:

      Hi Keisha. Thank you for your comment. I agree I have not attended to updating. Just doing other stuff. Its main target has been for the Heritage scheme. I hope to give some more attention to upcoming events.
      Thank you again!

  6. Very interesting subject, regards for putting up.

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